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Jan 1, 2018

Happy New Year!!! On this episode we talk about Jeep Batteries and what to look for and general information about them. Thanks again for listening and we hope you enjoy.

six and a half years ago

Enjoying the battery talk in episode 36. But I think it's the current that charges the battery and not the voltage. You need both but your battery is storing AMPs for use otherwise you could just use some AAA batteries in series to produce the 12 volts. ;)

six and a half years ago

Loved the show, very well suited timing for us Canadians up in our -40C weather cold snap. As a fellow parts guy (well gal) and Jeeper I was thrilled to listen...there are so many questionable opinions and info out there but you guys are spot on with this show. It was also perfect timing when I was installing my dual battery system on my JK 2door. As always, great info and a joy to listen too!! Keep up the great work. I love the podcast and hearing what's going on in all sides of the Jeep nation and the fact that you cater to some of us up in snow-land is a bonus! Thank you!