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Oct 1, 2016

Well Jeeples this show was a fun one, lots of laughs to be had. Kevin and Scott shead some light on the mysterious transfer case. They talk about what it does and why its important. The guys also speak with Kurt Eades. He's on a country wide adventure with his JKU named Jake. OTT also would like to give a special acknowledgement to Dirty Jeep Girl and the Southern Jeep Society for their work on the Back the Blue event that gained some national attention supporting LEOs, that's something we all should do now more than ever. As always thanks for listening and please tell your friends. Just a quick FYI open the FILL plug first. we were tired....

Kurt Eades
five and a half years ago

So much Fun!! We need to do another one... We could talk about the Trip I took with a crew up to Black Mountain in Harlen, KY...