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Welcome to the new On The Trail with Kevin and Scott page!

Feb 20, 2017

Well We're tired, sunburnt, and dehydrated. But Kevin and I would do it again in a heart beat. Sorry we missed some of you at the Vendor section. We were spotting the trails. Well Jeepers its been a long day. Enjoy this Wrap up show and video about the U-joint replacement. Thanks again, You guys and gals really are...

Feb 19, 2017

Just a quick show to wrap up day 2 of Jeepin with Judd. And we had a special guest Joe from the Local 390 podcast Based out of Orlando. We talk beer and Jeeps for a little bit. And with that We'll see you on the next show. The JWJ wrap up show.

Feb 17, 2017


Feb 17, 2017

Stop by and say hi, We will be recording until 1:00. This is a fun event. more uploads to follow.

Feb 15, 2017

Well gang this is a very short show because we will be Podcasting from the Jeepin with Judd event. Keep checking back here for new shows over the next few days. we did have time to talk with Kevin in the garage about a handy tool he found. Thanks again as always for listening and telling your friends about this...